February 27, 2012

Product Rave: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Tapestry Taupe

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well! =) I'm back with a product rave! CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in 'Tapestry Taupe'. And I'll be honest, I believe this is the first Covergirl eyeshadow I've ever tried and I'm pleasantly surprised.

The only reason I even picked this up was because I had a coupon and this eyeshadow ended up costing me a few pennies. =) But I remember hearing good things about this specific colour so I didn't have a hard time choosing.

It's a great everyday colour that you can easily "throw" on and go. I wear it on its own and it works out really well. However, I do find that I need to pack it on because it's not as pigmented as I like it to be.

At less than $4 CAD at Zellers, it's a great steal!

Thanks for reading!!!

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