September 22, 2011

UPDATE! & Something SUPER Cool =)

Hello everyone! I'm still alive and well even though I haven't made a post in so long. =) I hope everyone else is doing great. School started for me and it's just been hectic and almost overwhelming since I'm trying to get use to my schedule these days. I have so much free time on my hands yet there seems to be not enough time to do everything I want to. *sighs*

Anywho, just wanted to throw an update out there if you care, if not, I still have something super cool to share with you. =)

I saw this online while browsing through Sephora's website and I knew I had to have it and it's actually quite affordable. =) It's the Brush Wand by Sephora and it's only $12 CAD. I think it's a really innovative concept as I've never seen anything like it before. You basically get four brushes within the wand and they're all magnetic so you can rearrange them however you like. This is great to toss into your make-up bag or for travelling or just if you want something super compact.

I got this a while back in the summer but I just didn't have time to blog about it. =) Now I'm basically trying to catch up on blogging. =P Next up should be an 'end of summer' collective haul or my Loulou "Shop 'Til You Drop" haul which I'm really excited to share with you.

Thanks for reading!

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