October 5, 2011

Loulou Shop 'Til You Drop Haul

As promised, here's my haul from Loulou's Shop 'Til You Drop event that I've been attending and enjoying three years in a row now (or since the beginning...I'm sure this is the third year). 

If you don't know what this event is, it's a shopping event that happens at the end of September in Yorkville where a bunch of retailers participate in and it's all RSVP required. You get special discounts, freebies with purchase, free drinks and other swag. =) This year the event started at 5PM but line-ups for some stores start before that.

First, we visited Sephora and their special was gift with purchase for the first 250 customers (or some number close to that). So being excited and scatterbrained, I picked up what I've been wanting already and stopped there so I wouldn't go out of control. ;) I got the Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear by Sephora in green that I have been LOVING and it was only $12 CAD.

With that single item, I received a swag bag full of samples. =) I got many face primers (Benefit, MUFE, Hourglass, Skinprep FX), eye primer (Urban Decay), mascara (Sephora), perfume (Calvin Klein) and Nars Super Orgasm Illuminator.

At Sephora, they were doing two looks at their Express Service counter, a red lip or a purple smokey eye so I opted for the red lip as I thought they'd find a shade of red that would compliment me...but I think they just used the same red for everyone. Anywho, after doing the look, I got another swag bag. Yay! A Sephora masacara, red lip liner and makeup case.

Next, I headed over to Winners. I picked up Lauren by Ralph Lauren leather gloves for only $34.99 CAD and two gift sets from Fusion Beauty (which I later returned as I do not necessarily need more lip glosses and one because the mascara in the package was not sealed so that's iffy).

With that purchase, I received a huge re-usable bag full of stuff. 

And with any purchase of $50 or more, I got a "wool" scarf as advertised but really it's not wool (I think it's acrylic) but it's a circle scarf and I LOVE circle scarves. =)

Also, throughout the night, they were handing out bracelets and charms to collect to claim a free drink at one of the lounges (which we ended up skipping anyway) because I was done shopping way before that event started.

And lastly, we went to Gap and I picked up a blazer that I saw the day before that loved but didn't want to dish out $75 CAD for in the sale section at this location for $45 CAD plus 30% off from the event. Unfortunately they didn't have the colour or size I wanted but I picked one up anyway with plans to exchange it at another location (also what the sales associate suggested to do and we both just laughed).

After we left the event we went to the Eaton Centre to exchange my blazer and luckily they had the one I wanted in my size but it was still at regular price at this location (interesting?). When I went to exchange it, the very nice cashier gave me money back because their store was having a 50% off the entire store sale. =) So I picked up the jacket for around 1/3 of the retail cost. =)

That's all for my haul. I also picked up a jacket from Gap for my bf but I didn't take any pictures. =P Hope you enjoyed!!!

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