March 12, 2012

Tim Tam Slam!

Tim Tam, where have you been all my life?

I don't know about you but I have never tried a Tim Tam until recently even though I've passed by it several times before. And I have never heard of the Tim Tam Slam or would've known about it if it wasn't for stumbling upon it while checking out Secret Pickle Supper Club which somehow led me to a video on how to eat Tim Tams. =) But I'm sure glad it did!

Now for the Tim Tam Slam!

What you need is a Tim Tam which is a chocolate biscuit and I have the original version by Arnott's.

You also need a hot beverage, I have milktea (but anything you like with chocolate should do).


Next, you have to bite two corners off the Tim Tam diagonally and you should have what should act as a straw. ;)

You take the Tim Tam and put one end at the surface of your hot beverage and the other end at your mouth like you would a straw. You suck on the Tim Tam until you feel your beverage touching your lips and then you have to quickly devour it. =)

The amazingness that lies ahead is orgasmic. =) The biscuit melts in your mouth and it becomes a chocolate dream. The Tim Tam is good on its own but even better with a slam. =)

For photo reference purposes, I did not devour it right away but tried to quickly take a picture of what it looks like on the inside before having it melt in my hands.

And there you have it, the Tim Tam Slam! =)  Thanks for reading!

And here's the link to the video if you're still curious: How to eat tim tams / the tim tam slam

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  1. Tim Tams are the awesomest thing one could have... :)thanks for sharing your experience...keep posting :)

    Tim Tams