February 6, 2014

Late Night Mini Walmart Haul

Hello! It's FEBRUARY! How crazy and quick was that? This post is actually long overdue but I just found it on my memory card... =P This late night mini haul at Walmart happened before Christmas when I went to Walmart after an early Christmas celebration. We were at my sister's place and her entire neighbourhood went through a blackout from an ice storm. We needed some lanterns as she didn't have any at her new house so a couple of us went to Walmart.

Click, click, click. =D

Surprisingly, there were many things in stock that I had wanted to try so lo and behold - a mini haul. I had also purchased a Star Wars light saber but it was faulty and I brought it back. =(

First item is the Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques (I'm going to guess they were around $7.99 CAD). I'm not going to lie, but when I saw these on YouTube, they left a permanent hole in my brain that I had to fill. They look super pretty on and were pretty easy to apply (yes, I recently tried these). But they didn't last long on me. It could've been my fault for putting them on top of a top coat...but these lasted one night and slowly, day by day, a new nail would peel off. If you follow me on Instagram, I put up a notd (aka nails of the day). ;)

Next, this beautiful nail polish by Maybelline in their special Brocades line (I believe these are limited edition so go get them before they're all gone - and I think these are around $2.97 CAD). I got the colour 'Gilded Rose' which is gorgeous! I couldn't find the ingredients on this one so I don't know if it's good/bad but I love the colour.

Last but not least, I saw this on YouTube as well and wanted one ever since... The Baby Lips Dr Rescue medicated balm (I think this was around $3.99 CAD). I got the colour 'Pink Me Up'. These are minty and the kind of mint I like so I'm quite enjoying this. The colour is very sheer but there is some colour when applied manically.

That's all for my late night mini Walmart haul! Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you've hauled lately (or not so lately...).


  1. ohhh yay! i didn't know that toronto wal-mart had the dr. rescue baby lips!!!! so stoked! (btw found ur blog via tpf! :) )

    - bambistyle xx

  2. Hi! It's great to see a fellow TPF-er on my blog! :)
    And yeah, I was waiting forever for the Dr. Rescue Baby Lips to come to Canada after seeing it being released in the States.